Auto Global Parts Industries SDN BHD (Auto Global) was incorporated as a wholly owned subsidiary to NHF in February 2010, and focuses on the manufacturing and delivering quality metal & plastic automotive parts


Work & Study


Industrial Training


We understand well that if you are passionate about launching a career, an attractive remuneration is not the only main reason to join us. At Auto Global, we are more than that.


We are one of the leading manufacturers and distributor of automotive replacement parts in Malaysia.


We encourage personal development via continuous learning opportunities.


We provide conducive working environment, great team and we are always driving forward.


We offer awards and performance-linked bonus for exceptional performance.

I was shortlisted to intern with AG and subsequently was offered a permanent role before I completed my internship. I am glad to be a member of AG even I have only been working for several months. I believe that AG is a company which can help employee growth in future.

Yap Say Chi

Export Operation Executive

AG opens opportunity to anyone in the company who are keen to seek education advancement and learn more in the automotive replacement parts manufacturing industry.

Previously where I was studying, I have no idea about stamping machines, laser and welding robots. Now I have gained more knowledge in many of the technology and machine here while participating the Meister Program.

Amiin Firdaus

Meister Student

AG would be the right place for us to gain experience and good learning environment, such as working in Plastic Injection Department (automotive replacement parts).

Before joining this company, I myself was lacking of skill and experience in plastic injection. And today, I become more confident and experienced in robots and also plastic injections machines.

Makinun Amin

Meister Student

AGP has provided a huge opportunity for me to learn and develop new skills independently and subsequently expand my knowledge in Human Resources. I have great working colleagues and it’s exciting to know that every day there is a chance to learn something new. I am happy with the direction that I am heading.

Muhammad Farkhan

Human Resources Intern

It’s been very rewarding to be working directly with the Managing Director himself. I am able to develop new skills and knowledge that would help to advance my career in Management field. The experience has been wonderful and I am grateful for this opportunity

Mohammad Naufal

Director Office Intern

Everyone in the team has been very helpful and cooperative. The most interesting task during my internship is learning about NodeRed and designing a monitoring system. It is a new and exciting experience for me to design a new complete system.

Ngan Chin Loong

Metal Production Intern

I began my career in AGP as an Intern. The team has put in an effort to inculcate the knowledge sharing culture and it’s been a valuable experience. It has motivated me to become a good Data Analyst. There’s definitely a room for career growth and opportunity for me and I know what it takes to get there. Instead of being nervous about starting a career, I’m eager about the variety of things I’ll be able to accomplish and the passionate individuals that I will meet along the way.

Ernis Tan Shi Er

Product Development & Data Analyst Executive


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