Auto Global Parts Industries SDN BHD (Auto Global) was incorporated as a wholly owned subsidiary to NHF in February 2010, and focuses on the manufacturing and delivering quality metal & plastic automotive parts



Industrial Training


We understand well that if you are passionate about launching a career, an attractive remuneration is not the only main reason to join us. At Auto Global, we are more than that.


We are one of the leading manufacturers and distributor of automotive replacement parts in Malaysia.


We encourage personal development via continuous learning opportunities.


We provide conducive working environment, great team and we are always driving forward.


We offer awards and performance-linked bonus for exceptional performance.

My internship experience in the procurement department at New Hoong Fatt Auto Supplies Sdn Bhd has been incredibly enriching. From day one, I was immersed in the dynamic world of sourcing and supply chain management for automotive parts. I had the opportunity to work closely with experienced professionals who guided me through the intricacies of vendor negotiations, inventory management, and cost analysis. I was entrusted with real responsibilities, such as conducting market research, evaluating supplier proposals, and even participating in supplier meetings. This hands-on experience not only sharpened my technical skills but also deepened my understanding of the industry’s challenges and opportunities. Moreover, the supportive environment at Auto Supplies Company fostered my growth by encouraging me to ask questions, propose ideas, and learn from both successes and setbacks. The internship has equipped me with invaluable knowledge and practical insights that will undoubtedly shape my future career in procurement. I am grateful for the opportunity and the mentorship I received during my time here.

Kelly Chan Jia Yiing

Procurement Intern

I had the privilege of being an industrial engineering trainee under the guidance of a remarkable team at New Hoong Fatt. This experience has been invaluable to my professional development. I was exposed to diverse projects and gained hands-on experience. The mentorship and support I received throughout my traineeship were exceptional, and I am confident that the skills and knowledge I’ve acquired will serve as a strong foundation for my future in industrial engineering. I am truly grateful for this opportunity and look forward to applying what I’ve learned in my career.

Fatihah Nadiah Binti Ahmad Raphaie

Industrial Engineer Intern

From the moment I started my internship, I was welcomed with open arms and a supportive environment. The level of mentorship and guidance I received throughout my tenure was exceptional. I had the privilege of working with a team of highly skilled professionals who were not only experts in their respective fields but also dedicated to nurturing young talent like myself. I cannot overstate how grateful I am for the chance to be part of this internship program at Auto Global Parts. This internship has not only enhanced my professional skills but has also left a lasting impact on my personal growth. I will carry the lessons learned and the memories made during this internship with me throughout my career.

Muhammad Nabil Haziq Bin Mohd Noor

HR Intern


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